Nawalan na ng pag-asa ang mga residente na ito at sila na ang bumili ng bumbilya sa streetlight nilang nakasabit sa puno!

It is the job of barangay officials to make sure that their residents are living safe and secured every day because unfortunately, despite a lot of reminders, there are still some people who have plans to do illegal things for their personal benefits.

Having street lights on the road may be trivialized by most people but these actually save a lot of lives. Street lights can make people safe because they can be seen by everyone. It can also prevent from people with bad intentions to hide and proceed to their plans because they can be clearly seen under those bright lights. That is why it is important for barangays to have a budget in providing good and long-lasting street lights.

Sadly, residents of Barangay Santor Delfin Abano in Isabela province seem like they have already given up to any hopes of getting quality street lights as they are the ones who have volunteered in buying working light bulbs just to have well-lit roads.

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In his narration to Raffy Tulfo, James Madriaga, a resident in Barangay Santor Delfin Abano, said all of the residents in the said barangay collect money on their own just to buy light bulbs because their officials are not doing anything about it.

To Raffy’s surprise, the barangay doesn’t even have a post as those light bulbs were only hanged on trees. James said they are looking forward for their officials in providing posts for those light bulbs since their makeshift street lights are dangerous especially to kids in the area.

James also said that the officials have a budget of aroun P30,000 to P40,000 for street lamps but it seems that they are not using it properly.

Chairman Alex Macarilay Jr. of Barangay Santor Delfin Abano told Raffy in a phone interview that they are currently facing the problem of shortage of materials despite having an ample budget for providing street lamps.

Moreover, he said that he was just a newly-elected barangay chairman and he was unaware of this problem. He then vowed to James and other residents of Barangay Santor Delfin Abano that he will seek solutions immediately about this problem.

Raffy then commended James for having the initiative to fix things in their barangay when their officials are not providing them solutions. He even said that James could be more fit in Alex’s position as chairman. James accepted the compliment but said that he is already good as a concerned citizen and he has no plans of entering politics.



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