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When a couple breaks up, it is normal for both sides to demand back the materials and gifts they gave to one another. Some might not agree to this since these things were given as gifts but the action was understandable since one worked hard to buy it.

This is some of the usual cases that Raffy Tulfo handle in his public service program but in the case of Janet Ano-os, he can’t help but to laugh because she wants to get all of the things she gave to her former boyfriend Rene Renegado. By everything, she really means everything from a living room set to spoons and forks.

According to Janet, she worked as a caregiver abroad so that she can financially help Rene and her daughter. She claimed that with her money, they were able to buy furniture, appliances, and alike.

Their relationship was put to jeopardy as rumors floated among the involved people that Janet was cheating to Rene with another man abroad, in which Janet has denied.

She told Raffy that Rene’s aunt, who is also working with her abroad, was the one to blame in spreading this rumor.

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This rumor caused Rene to decide to break up with Janet.

Janet once asked for a proof from her aunt to show Rene that she is not cheating.. She then claimed that her aunt eventually admitted that her rumros are baseless after she can’t produce any evidence.

Janet later found out that Rene stuffed all of their things in their house and moved out, leaving nothing for her.

In a phone interview, Rene refused to give back the things he stuffed and claimed that he deserved to have those things because he was the only one taking care of their daughter.

Janet then denied that claim and told Raffy that her siblings also took care of her baby.
Moreover, Janet also said that she gave remittance ranging from P20,000 to P40,000 to Rene so that he can provide all the basic necessities for their baby.

Rene was still adamant in keeping those things and said that he also paid for some of it. Janet then said that she has the receipt to prove she was the one bought all of those things from the television set to the spoons and forks.

Raffy then told Chairman Teodoro Tutor of Barangay Aurora, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur to get Janet’s things from Rene since she has the right to own them.


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