Ilang malisyosong text message ng ABS-CBN News executive kay Gretchen Fullido, nilabas!

Unwanted intimate advances are not only limited to touching or trying to get a pass at another party, nowadays, but even just a malicious look and move could also easily be concluded as a form of molestation. But aside from physical interaction, these unwanted advances could also beyond face-to-face contact and intimidate the victim virtually.

This is the same thing claimed by showbiz reporter Gretchen Fullido who recently accused her bosses in ABS-CBN of exhibiting improper physical conduct. Gretchen bravely takes legal action against her alleged offenders namely Cheryl Favila, a News Executive in the network together with News Segment Producer Maricar Asprec.

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According to Gretchen, the two are consistently sending her explicit text messages from that could be traced back to 2015 up to 2017, the news anchor claims that the text messages include unwanted intimate intentions and favors from her and when these advances were rejected, the two will give her a hard time with her job as a news anchor for TV Patrol.

On Friday, October 5, 2018, Gretchen finally took action and filed necessary charges to Cheryl and Maricar at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

Aside from Cheryl and Maricar, Gretchen also filed a separate libel case against her ABS-CBN News Executives Ces Drillon and Venancio Borromeo and fellow news reported Marie Lozano who allegedly spread rumors in the network that made a huge damage in her reputation.

Yesterday, The Manila Times released some of the alleged text messages sent by Cheryl to Gretchen that made her decide to file a complaint.

Below are some of the released text messages:

“I pitched for you to be the social media anchor for Election Marathon. But mas gusto ko pa rin ng strip-teaser. Gretch yata!”

“Thing of writing a story this way: having is different from ‘making love.’ Making love entails emotions, not just doing the act. Always try to ‘make love’ to your stories. I am very partial to it.”

“Thank you, Gretchen. Pero gusto ko ng live rendition ng Happy Birthday song mo, na naka super outfit ka. Hahaha! Birthday ko naman, di ba?”

“Good morning! Tara Grets was my shower moment this morning…”

“Sana naman parati kang ganyan. Pagod na ako makipag-away. It’s emotionally draining, and you can’t take my intensity. So gets mo na ang style ‘di ba? Be a good girl always.”





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Source: The Manila Times

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