WATCH: Magkapatid na hindi na binibigyan ng sustento ng kanilang magulang matapos maghiwalay, Humingi ng saklolo kay Idol Raffy Tulfo!

Being in a broken family is not an easy situation, especially for the kids. Everyone wants an ideal family setup where mommy and daddy are in love each other and working hard for their kids to have what they need and what they want.

However, being a broken family does not excuse their parents to leave their responsibilities to their children.

James and Gabrielle Cruz are in a broken family after their parents Raymond and July Grace broke up. Raymond had his new family with a certain Michelle while July Grace is currently based in Canada. Unfortunately, the two are not receiving any financial help from their parents.

It was Rachel Cruz, their aunt, who has been acting their parent since they were just babies. Rachel did everything to sustain the needs of the two. She already sold some of her properties and even loaned some money until the loaners did not allow her anymore. She was even sent to the barangay after she received complaints from her loaners.

The three went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help in making Raymond provide financial support to them.
The show first called Sweet Purna, Raymond’s mother-in-law. She said that she actually wants Raymond to be out of their life too because he is a burden to her daughter Michelle and he is not facing his paternal duties to James and Gabrielle.

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She revealed that Raymond is a seaman who did not came back to the ship again once he went down on land. Michelle once said that she will leave him but Raymond only threatened to end his life, causing for his wife to stay.

Raymond then answered the accusations thrown at him by Rachel and his kids through a phone interview. James said that he is helping his kids but he is currently waiting for the ship to get a job. He vowed that he will help his children once he got a job again.

Raymond did not control his emotion as he was not happy that the three even talked to his mother-in-law. He said that this issue should have been between them.

Raffy then recommended James and Gabrielle to work as a part-time in a fast food chain. James said that he was rejected multiple times because they don’t accept working students.

Raffy then called all the sponsors of the show and asked them if they have part-time jobs available for the two. Luckily, mobile merchandising company Cellboy said they can give the two with jobs that can fit with their studies.

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