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Every day, there is a woman in the Philippines that is getting unwanted attention from men. It’s more unfortunate that some of them received this from their relatives and family members. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but this is the reality for some.

They are even afraid to disclose to everyone about what happened to them in fear that no one will believe them or they will be subjected to victim-blaming.

“Berna” and “Bea” (not their real names) were accompanied by their grandmother Arlene in Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to seek help about their stepfather Janzel Delos Santos. The two said that they were violated by this man numerous times in their home and they had enough courage to come forward.

Berna said that Janzel was intoxicated when he told her to kiss him on the lips. When Berna refused to follow him, he then touched him on her breast. Her mother was cooking that time and she had doubts that she will listen to her about Janzel.

On the other hand, Bea said that Janzel is blames her for her cousin not coming back to their house because she “brainwashed” her about him. To retaliate, Janzel allegedly hacked Bea’s account and posted some nasty comments about her and making her friends believe that it was her who posted those things.

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In a phone interview, Janzel denied all the accusations thrown to her by the girls. He said that they ae just making up stories after he became strict to them after he caught them getting involved in hard drinks and illegal substance.

To her disgust, Berna denied all of those accusations and said that she doesn’t want to embarrass herself in the public if she was just telling lies.

“Kung gagawa ako ng kwento, bakit ako pupunta dito edi mapapahiya ako?” she said.
Janzel also denied that he hacked Bea’s account and claimed he is innocent on her “revelations”.

Bea said that she is confident Janzel hacked her account. Raffy also told Janzel that they can easily trace him with the help of CIDG and if it was proven that he hacked her account, he can be put behind bars.

Bea also said Janzel once threatened her life by saying he has a firearm with him and she can be finished in just one bullet.

Janzel denied it again but Bea brought pictures of him carrying a firearm.
Senior Supt. Emma Libunao of the Women and Children’s Protection Unit said Janzel ay face charges for violating anti-child abuse law and anti-cybercrime law.


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