Batikang singers na sina Lea Salonga at Jed Madela, binatikos ang mga nagpabaya sa mga sinunog na donasyon para sana sa Yolanda victims!

Earlier this week, the Filipino people got “shookt” after the Bureau of Customs (BOC) announced that they decided to burn four containers filled with donations meant for typhoon Yolanda victims.

According to the BOC, the donations which came from Belguim, Norway, and the United Kingdom arrived in the Philippines back in January 2014 and was declared abandoned and condemned last June 2017 after the donors failed to pay the necessary importation tax and also failed to secure a permit for tax exemption.

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The containers which contain used clothing, underwear, kitchenware, toys, baby diapers, and now expired food stocks were burnt at the RRDS Petro Chemical Industries Inc. in Barangay Umapad, Mandaue City.

Based on the documents at BOC Cebu, the donations were addressed to ABS-CBN Foundation, DSV Air & Seam, and Wellmade Motors Development.

BOC Cebu District Collector Elvira Cruz explained that all good are subjected to duties and taxes but if it is meant for donation, then the donor should request for tax exemption at the Department of Finance.

This unfortunate news immediately went viral on social media gaining criticisms from netizens. One of the many vocal personalities who expressed their disappointment about this awful turn out of events is award-winning singer Lea Salonga who took to social media to express her opinion.

In a Facebook post, the famous singer blamed the “red tape” for what happened to the donations that was supposed to be useful to the hundreds of Yolanda victim and survivors.

“I guess my reserves of rage go deeper than I thought. Haaaaaaaaaaay nakuuuuuuuuu. Thanks, red tape. Thanks for nothing,” Lea wrote.


In the comments section of the said post, Lea also said that she could not find the right words to explain how she feels about this news.

“Trying to find the words to express my feelings…. it’s like finding cotton candy in a cloud,” she said.

Some of the singer’s friends also expressed their disappointment on the burnt donations, one of them is Lea’s fellow-singer Jed Madela who said are after the people responsible for the donations unfortunate fate.

“Nakakahiya!!! Shame on whoever caused this! Shame on you!” Jed wrote.

Meanwhile, some of Lea’s friends that this only means that the government enough bribe for the donation to reach the victims. Read some of their comments below:







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Source: Facebook | Sunstar Cebu

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