WATCH: Nanay gusto nang mabawi ang anak na limang beses iniwan sa kanyang biyenan, nagpasaklolo kay Raffy Tulfo!

Couples usually thought that having a child means that their family could be inseparable but in reality, they are still vulnerable in being a broken family especially if they are not really fit for one another. The process of separating becomes messier as the child’s development is affected.

Having a broken family is not the ideal setup for a child but when the worst thing comes, the law states that children below seven years old should be under the custody of the mother as it assumed that maternal care is more fitting for a child’s development.

However, there are still some cases where fathers keep their children away from their mothers. This is the situation of Rusela Mara, a mother who wants her six years old son back.

Rusela went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help in gaining custody of her child from her ex-partner’s mother Luzviminda Zendon in Bulacan.

According to her, her former live-in partner and Luzviminda refuses to even give her visitation rights to her own child who even uses her surname.

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In response, Luzviminda said in a phone call that Rusela already got the child from them five times already but she always returns the child to them.

Luzviminda said Rusela tends to bring back the child to them every time he is not in good condition.
Luzviminda also said they already had an agreement that she will take care of her grandson from Monday to Friday while Rusela can have him for the weekends.

Rusela rebutted Luzviminda and said that her accusation of getting her son and bringing him back to her mother-in-law is not true as it only happened once. Moreover, she said that she doesn’t want the agreement anymore as she wants full custody.

As compliance to the law, Raffy said they can get her child back to her custody. Rusela then asked Raffy on how to get the child back as she has work on weekdays. She also negotiated to Raffy if her mother could get the child in her behalf.

This irked Raffy as he asked Rusela if she is really determined to get the child. He said if she really wants her son, she will make time for him.

Rusela agreed to make time in getting her kid back. She was joined by Tulfo’s team, police personnel, and workers from MSWD in getting her child back.

As they are about to get the child back, Luzviminda became emotional and said she took care of the child especially during his worst times.

The workers of MSWD then told her that she can come to their office to make some arrangements regarding her grandson.


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