WATCH: OFW nagpasaklolo kay Idol Raffy sa pagbawi ng perang nahuthot umano sakaniya ng dating live-in partner

They say love doesn’t cost a thing. But sometimes out of so much love, we tend to give our partners stuff and money even if we could no longer afford it. We love them so much so we give them everything to make them happy.

But sadly, some people tend to abuse this kind of generosity instead of giving love in return. Just like this Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) from Jeddah who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complaint about her ex-live-in partner who extorted a huge amount of money from her.

According to Jinky Vargas, after almost two months of working in Jordan, she discovered that her partner Gabriel Delon Jr. is cheating with another woman. They tried to reconcile their relationship after Gabriel apologized and agreed to go back to the province to be away from his lover.

While living in the province, Jinky would often send him and his family financial assistance every month. But come December 2017, she once again discovered that Gabriel is still having an affair with the same woman.

When the program contacted Gabriel,  he argued that Jinky was the first one to cheat as he caught her flirting with another man through chat, so Gabriel just returned the favor. Jinky explained that it was just an exchange of friendly jokes and the guy was her relative.

Tulfo then suggested forgetting about the issue and just moving on with their lives, but Jinky said she no longer wants to be associated with Gabriel and just want to get back her money. But Gabriel said he did not owe the money as Jinky voluntarily gave it.


The following day, Gabriel personally went to Tulfo’s radio program and confront Jinky. But things escalated quickly when Gabriel revealed something about their first break up.

Watch the full story below:

OFW, humihingi ng tulong na mabawi ang mga nahuthot daw sa kanya.

OFW, humihingi ng tulong na mabawi ang mga nahuthot daw sa kanya.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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