Ayaw na raw magturo ng mga professors na ito sa isang college sa Makati dahil delayed lagi ang sweldo!

Teachers sacrifice a lot just to make sure that their students are learning something new and useful to their students. Their salary may be undeservingly lower compared to other professions but they chose this advocacy because they want to create a bright future generation. After all, they are everyone’s second parents.

However, teachers have still to be practical especially if they have their own parents. It may be fulfilling to see a student’s development but it is more fulfilling if they have their payroll ready on time.

Receiving late payroll doesn’t only affect their budget but it can also affect their performance as a teacher and students can notice that their second parents are not motivated to teach them anymore.

This is what the teachers and students of Montessori Professional College of Makati felt with their current management and that is why they went to Raffy Tulfo and sought help in getting the salary of the college’s professors on time.

According to Dave Salinas, one of the professors of Montessori Professional College of Makati, their salary is always delayed for one week. This delay gravely affects them as their plans can be delayed and their budgets can be more unorganized.

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He also admitted that he sometimes loses motivation in doing his profession knowing that his effort is not being reciprocated properly by the management.

Moreover, Dave also said they noticed that their salaries lack P2,000. He said they tried to raise this concern with the management but they were allegedly banned from entering the premises.

Robin Coronas, one of the students of the said college, also came to the studio and showed their support to their professors about the matter. He said that students already noticed that their professors are not as lively and energetic in teaching them anymore. They also noticed that their professors are not even attending their classes anymore since they’re not motivated to do their job.

Angela Dy, vice president of Montessori Professional College of Makati, explained to Raffy, professors, and students that their salary was delayed because of the banking process. She also said that her salary is also delayed like what the professors were experiencing.

Regarding the P2,000 forfeiture, Angela invited the professors to have a talk with her and the CEO of the college about this issue. She also denied that Dave and his colleagues were banned from entering the premises of their college.

Raffy assured Dave, Robin, and their fellow professors and students that they will get the justice they deserve.


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