Bagong-kasal na minalas sa kanilang wedding photos, tinulungan ng isang photographer!

A newly-wed couple from Thailand had their special day ruined by their make-up artist’s terrible job causing the outcome of their wedding photos to be really unpleasant.

Darika Klinkuhlab, the bride, took her sentiments to Facebook by posting a warning to any future brides out there to be very careful and picky in choosing their make-up artist. According to the sources, the couple got the make-up package from a recently opened shop near them. They thought that this would be a good idea and a convenient choice for them, not knowing that the make-up artist is completely inexperienced in doing a decent bridal make-up.

Putting on the bride’s make-up took 3 long hours which is actually quite alarming since decent make-up usually takes about an hour or just a little longer. Despite having a terrible wedding look, the couple still pushed through with their wedding and tried to make the best out of the bad situation.

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But still, they could not escape the dreaded incident. Because of their make-up, their faces on their wedding photos registered very badly. The bride’s face, even her husband’s, was too white and shiny, almost looking so metallic, signifying that the make-up artist did not pick the right color for the two. The blush on the bride’s cheeks and her lipstick were too heavy. The only thing good about her make-up is probably her eyebrows, and the rest is just plain disaster.

The bride could not be blamed if she felt frustration and disappointment about what happened because it was her wedding after all, and weddings are one of the most significant moments in some people’s life.

Fortunately, the bride’s story reached a good-hearted Bangkok-based photographer, Park Eun Young. He immediately offered the bride a complete redo of their wedding photos for free, which includes a better make-up artist, hairdresser, wedding attires, and an entire photoshoot package.

Darika initially refused the photographer’s offer because they lived too far away from each other and they do not have any means to go to Thailand to where the photographer is. Because of this, Park Eun Young, together with his entire team, decided to visit the couple at their place instead. They then recreated the couple’s wedding photos and it turned out really amazing.

The photos really showed Darika’s beauty. In the end, the couple could now look at their wedding photos without cringing.

Many netizens commended the effort of the photographer and his team to help the couple, while some criticized what the previous make-up artist did.


Source: Showbizread

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