Nanay, Iniwan Ang Apat Na Anak Para Makasama Ang Tomboy Niyang Sweetheart

Abelardo Galzote Jr.
Contact mrs ofw saudi
August pa last macontact

In a recent issue that was raised in television and radio show Raffy Tulfo In Action, the whole Galzote family travelled all the way to Manila from Ilocos so that they may try their best to reach out to mother of four children, Ronelia.

Ronelia was an OFW worker in Saudi and was a very diligent and loving mother who made sure she sends sufficient amount of funds to help her children and family in Narvacan Ilocos. However, she has gone missing and quiet since August and nobody heard from her since. This worried her family and alarmed them, especially the children who were not sure of where she is or how she was doing.

Husband Abelardo was the first to call out to her in the radio show. “My, uwi ka na andito mga anak natin o. pati nanay natin, nasan ka man tumawag ka naman” Second was one of her daughters, who pleaded that she should go home because they all miss her. Her mom, also reached out to her saying that “Kung nandito ka naman sa pilipinas, tumawag ka naman sa amin para alam namin kung buhay ka pa o hindi na.”

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According to the family, they all had the chance to speak to her last August in very short periods of time only. She had only said to her mother that she should wait for her padala and not announce to anyone that she’s coming home because she wants for it to be a surprise.

It was then later revealed that she has eloped with a lesbian lover, or at least allegedly, named Doods Leah Manasis. A photo was sent to Mr. Abelardo via Facebook by one of their mutual friends when he was looking for his wife. Raffy Tulfo then asked him what might have caused this, which he said “Wala naman po kaming pinagaawayan, nadaan lang po siya.”

Mr. Raffy Tulfo then called out to the mother directly. These were his words:
“Kung nanonood ka, Mrs Galzote makikita mo na nandito ang iyong mister at iyong mga anak. kung meron kang pagmamahal, sa iyong mga anak lalo na siguro nararapat lang na magpakita ka siguro magusap kayo, ayusin niyo itong problema”

Raffy Tulfo and his wife, then gave money to the family and also wanted to pay for their bus ride home to Narvacan along with dinner because he wanted to help them. But before the family has boarded the bus, Ronelia had reached out and said that she wanted to talk to Abelardo the following day on the television and radio show.
We are still waiting for the outcome of their conversation as of this moment.



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