Traffic Enforcer, Pinerwisyo ang Driver At Pasahero Matapos Huliin sa Loading Unloading Area Sa May Makati

Several netizens are ourtraged because of a clip that was recently uploaded on facebook which detailed a a fight between a UV Express driver and a Philippine authority. The police, or traffic enforcer seemingly asked the driver to pull over to one side and accused him of breaking the rules. The man further more went to collect the drivers licence which ticked off the driver who started pleading that the lady beside him record the whole incident, which she did and was uploaded for several netizens to see.

According to the traffic enforcer, the UV Express driver has been picking up passengers in an area which was not allowed anymore. Many of the passengers were quick to defend the driver saying that they have been waiting for rides there ever since and were never informed that it was not allowed, because it was just a made up story by the police who seemed to want to make money off the whole thing.

“Pag may reklamo ka sa traffic enforcer, karapatan mong magreklamo. Ngayon kong alam mong tama ka, edi ireport mo.”

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They were obviously in the loading area.

The traffic enforcers tried to coax the whole thing as he waited for all the passengers to ride before they stopped them shortly after – which makes the whole thing look like a scheme.

“Inabangan niyo kami!” said one of the lady who was inside the FX.

The conversation escalated as the two began raising their voices doing their best to prove which of the two were right.

“Pinausog niyo muna kami bago kami sumakay, marami po kaming witness dito!” fumed one of the passengers who was late to her destination because of the mishap caused by the traffic enforcer. The people inside complained in unison.

The whole thing went on for over 10 minutes straight without any resolution at the end.

Several netizens in the comment section voiced out their opinions and concerns. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones.

“Ni may Kasalanan ka or wala pag hiningi license mo dapat ipakita mo…

If Mali man enforcer Wala kang karapatang mag mataas ng Bose’s or Magsalita ng kabalbalan..

Tama sila if may reklamo ka sa sa opisina ka dumiretso or sa proper authorities..”

“Kawawa nmn si driver nag sakay sa tamang sakayan ayun na ticketan pa… nkakapang ung video nsa tama ung driver tpos gnyan.. sa mga nag ssbi na dpat bnugay agad license abala po kasi iyon ppntahan mo pa sa city hall un at mtgal ang process kc may invistigation pa un pano nmn ang araw ni manong driver zero na diba”



Ganto sila sa makati…

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