Isang Netizen Ibinahagi ang Sama ng Loob Nang Makita ang Mga Lolang Kumakayod Pa

Social media is a great platform to share important matters even though it gets misused by several people on the daily. On its good days, people are able to shine a light on pressing and important matters that news outlets would overlook.

Just recently, netizen with the name of Marie Destreza went to facebook to look for help as she shared what she had encountered earlier that day with two old women on the street. Marie detailed that she was trying to catch a cab ride home when she realized an elderly woman trying to search for things that she dropped on the ground and struggled to find them, almost searching blindly. With the old woman’s age, Marie had the feeling the old woman could no longer see as great as she could so she decided to offer her help.

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Upon doing so, she immediately notice yet another old woman who was packing bottles of water and candy behind her. Apparently the two were street vendors who were trying to find a different spot because it was about to rain. As she accompanied the elderly women, she noticed how the woman with poor eyesight used the wall to guide her through and felt very bad for the situation she was in.

She overheard also how the old woman had scolded her for dropping her stuff, and it turned out that the two are sisters who only has each other left to lean on. The blind woman shared to Marie that her two children already have families of their own so they couldn’t help her, while her sister remains childless.

Marie, like most of us could not help but become extremely emotional when these struggles were given a light. The oldsisters had no other choice but work and look for a different place to sell..

The post had said “I decided to post this hoping na maging way ito para may higit na tumulong pa sa kanila. Na sana yung anak or kamag anak nila maisip na tulungan sila. Nakakalungkot isipin na ang daming taong nagtratrabaho sa mailing paraan kahit malalakas pa naman. Ngunit may mga ganitong tao na naghahanap buhay ng marangal, pinipilit pa rin nila mabuhay kahit may edad na at kapansanan. They are seventy three and sixty nine years old and do not deserve this lalo na at hindi na rin nakakakita si lola. I wish I had enough money para mas lalo ko pa sila matulungnan”


Source: TNPMedia

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