Babae, hinarap ang nobyong nagsasabing nangaliwa siya.

Veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo usually encounters cases of women approaching to him and asking help about their husbands committing various problems ranging from adultery to drinking woes. However, there is a different case he encountered as a man went to him and complained about his wife for being too much invested in betting and spending money.

Lolito Mendoza told Raffy that his wife Emma was always in a betting place and tries her luck there. It would be unfortunate if she was getting the right guesses but we all know that in that kind of game, it is rare for someone to get a huge prize.

He was also pointing out that their budget is depleting because of Emma’s constant spending on money for her personal benefit. So instead of helping him, she became more of a burden to the Mendoza family.

In response, Emma denied all of the accusations thrown at her by Lolito. She said that he has no concrete basis on proving that she was going to betting places.

According to her, she has been working as a laundrywoman and she refused to be a housewife because her husband’s salary is not enough to feed and take care of their five children.

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Emma is not really that heartbroken over Lolito’s wish as long as he will constantly give money to their children. She said that he can call the marriage off anytime.

After hearing both sides, Raffy then suggested for the two to just broke up if Lolito thought Emma is just too fascinated about placing bets on their money.

While talking about their sentiments in a barangay hall, they became kind of dramatic to one another. This made the barangay’s neigbors watch on what’s happening to their captaint and a reporter.

The witnesses saw a bad development to what they are seeing as Lolito already gave up and thought that he can get another man to marry her. Moreover, Lolito told his wife that she has a lot of things that should be theirs in the first place.

Eventually, the broke up as their candles did not capture on the essence of love. Emma got the child while Lolito will give security amidts naa traffic sa Manila.

Here are some of their reactions:
“Mag selos si lalaki wagas…. eh mas mukhang bta nmn sya kysa babae,” Crizzia Mae said.
“..grabe nmn tong lalaki nato dpt wag nio paghiwalayin ang mga bata kawawa nmn ate girl,” Just G said.


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