Bagong Parody Video Ni Atty. Larry Godon, Nag-Viral Nanaman.

Attorney Larry Gadon is on a streak as he posted another viral clip of himself that mocks yet another senatorial candidate that the public seemingly remembers all too well, or at least those who left comments in the comments section of the said clip.

The attorney is known for his popular videos that may be found through his very own hashtag which is #hindibobo.

For those who do not know who the man is, he is one of the biggest Marcos loyalists to ever surface the realm of social media and politics. That says a lot about who he is and the values he also brings with him. Furthermore, Atty. Larry Gadon is also a big Rodrigo Duterte which goes without saying and is understandably evident with the variations of content he has been publishing all over the internet and through his accounts.

Aside from this, he is also the lawyer who began the impeachment process for Supreme Court Chief Justice Sereno. There’s your guy.

His rather controversial videos all began when a short clip of him yelling the words “Bobo” to the people who joined rallies that were in support of Chief Justice Sereno in the past. Feeding off from this fame, he has then decided to make several videos that had a similar ring to it (#hindibobo) This is the campaign and slogan he would be using for the upcoming senatorial bid next year.

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The parodies which he uploads have been polarizing several netizens who would catch a whiff of his videos. He even made the effort to go to several different videos in order to produce the series of videos he has since started where he initiated several of the university students to say the words “Hindi Bobo!” on the films.

His latest video however is currently a little shy of 2 million views (1,928,569 as of this writing) It depicts a thirsty attorney pouring water on a plate instead of a glass of water. Before he drinks the water from the plate, which he was very close in doing, he stops and pours it on the glass of water instead and then uttering the words “Joke lang.. Anong palagay nyo sa akin, bobo?”

This is a nod and a parody to former DILG secretary Mar Roxas whose photos were edited into a meme in the past and became very popular amongst netizens.
The said photo that he was copying was originally Mar Roxas trying to drink water from his cupped hands but was later edited by netizens as him holding the plate. So no, that certainly did not happen and is as they call it, fake news.

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Posted by Atty Larry Gadon on Friday, October 26, 2018

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