P01 Eduardo Valencia, Ipinahiya at Sinira ang Buong Imahe ng Pulisya Pagkatapos Pagsamantalahan Ang Kinse Anyos na Dalagang Anak ng Isang Pusher

Who do you trust when you find out that the people who are supposed to protect you end up as the ones hurting you and defiling you? The dire truths about our society and its systems have been exposed time and again, leaving plenty of us a little less hopeful of the future we face in the country. The macho fascism that leads the country has been multiplying and enabling several men into thinking they can get away with certain things just because they have not been previously called out, or in this case people have been doing it in the past and those people know. It is a disturbing thought.

One police officer caught himself in a sticky situation after NCRPO Director Eleazar called him out in front of the public and the media for the mess he had made.

The headlines were nothing short of friendly, some reading “Pulis Nakatikim kay NCRPO Director Eleazar Dahil sa Kanyang Katarantaduhang Ginawa” while others saying “Pulis Na Mapagsamantala, Nasigawan ni NCRPO Director Eleazar” but it is telling how the police’s name has been concealed in several of the headlines. Are they still protecting their own despite deceiving the public that we are in fact safe with them?


Case in point, a police officer had broken the image of a number of officers in general after he penetrated a 15 year old minor forcefully. The girl, is said to be the daughter of a couple who are suspects to carrying and pushing illegal recreational substances like narcotics.

In return of the said act, he would have cleaned the record of the 15 year old girl’s parents. But it gets worse.

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The little girl had sustained lacerations on her private areas, concluding that he was not at all gentle with her nor was it consensual. P01 Eduardo Valencia had posed as a PDEA officer just so he can pull off his little plan, as he possibly eyed the young woman for a while enough to do this scheme.

“Sir may pamilya po ako. Hindi naman po bago bago sa ting mga operatibe yung ganon kapag may nahuhuli po tayo.” he tried to reason out. The audacity of this Police offer, PO1 Eduardo Valencia is beyond everybody’s comprehension. He had tried to wiggle himself out of a situation that would cause the life of a 15 year old innocent girl to be living in shambles and in trauma. Something several people do not understand throughout the entire process of their disillusioned thinking. The fact that P01 Eduardo Valencia tried to make himself as the victim in the whole situation was definitely a turning point for netizens who were fuming in the comments section. The enabling of this men who think they have the power over the innocent lives of people just because they think they have the authority to do so must end soon.

Posted by Kevin Manalo on Saturday, October 27, 2018


Posted by Kevin Manalo on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Posted by Kevin Manalo on Sunday, October 28, 2018


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