WATCH: OFW, sinumbong kay Idol Raffy ang pamba-blackmail ng mister!

A crying Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his former live-in partner who is extorting a huge amount of money from her or else he will expose her deepest and darkest secret that may lead her behind bars.

According to Terselie Susas, her former live-in partner Faustino Verazon is blackmailing her and asking for a total of P1.5-million pesos. If she failed to give said amount of money, he will tell the authorities that Terselie used her sister’s passport when she first worked abroad back in the year 2007.

Terselie explained that out of desperation to work abroad to provide for her family’s needs, she decided to use her sister’s passport since she was still a minor when she decided to work abroad.

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She revealed that Faustino also threatened to escalate the case at the Supreme Court if Terselie will not give him the P1.5-million as soon as possible.

When the program contacted Faustino, he denied Terselie’s allegation and explained that he just wanted her ex-partner to get back the P133, 000 that Terselie’s mother borrowed from his parents.

He also revealed that it is a compensation for their family after Terselie and her mother provided a fake judge during their civil wedding.

Faustino said that if Terselie will fail to give the said amount, he will pursue the usurpation of authority he already filed against Terselie and her mother.

Terselie explained that he is not aware that a fake judge signed their marriage documents, in fact, during the wedding a pastor is supposed to lead the ceremony but the secretary said that he is not around so the secretary herself is the one who officiated their marriage.


Watch the turnout of events below:


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