Kuhang-kuha sa video ang matandang babaeng ito na sinasabihan ang mga Pinoy na mga ‘puti’ lang ang pwede sa New Zealand

A Filipino family was supposed to have a great holiday in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, until an old woman told them some racist remarks.

According to 18-year-old Krizia Alexa Egipto, she and her family were at a coffee shop to get a coffee after she just renewed her passport. While waiting for their order, Krizia’s dad started a conversation with another Filipino inside the shop.

The two are talking to each other with moderate tone but an old woman told them to be quiet. Out of respect, despite not really being loud, the two Filipinos stepped out of the coffee shop.
They thought that everything is OK again until the woman stepped out and told them that New Zealand is for “white people only”.

“Don’t come back here. You’re not welcome here. This is only for white people. This country is for white people only,” the old woman said.
Krizia, who is studying in New Zealand at the Southern Institute of Technology, was surprised to what the old woman told her father. She asked if the coffee shop was hers but the old woman just ignored her.

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Out of her emotion, she dropped some expletives and labelled the woman as racist.
“You are a racist. We haven’t done anything to you! Naiyak na po ako. Hindi ko po mapigilan. And then the manager of the store came out and said: ‘We don’t use that language here,'” Krizia told ABS-CBN News in an interview.

Krizia had to calm down and explained what happened to the coffee shop’s manager. After hearing her side, the manager told the woman to leave and comforted Krizia’s parents.
While walking around Wellington, Krizia and her family encountered the racist woman again and she continued her tirades against them again. This time, Krizia took a video footage of the old woman.

“It’s simple, no big deal. Go home. I don’t care, you are replacing white people like that man over there. Move along, I don’t want to talk to you. Go away, you’re a piece of trash,” the old woman said in the video.
Krizia said that the mayor of Wellington personally called her to apologize for what she experienced in the city.

“A staff member asked for my number and then the mayor of Wellington (Justin Lester) called me up to apologize about what happened. He also said that if I ever go back to Wellington, that he would personally take me on a tour to show how much he appreciates us,” she said.
“I was really surprised and overwhelmed because that is the mayor of Wellington, which is the capital of New Zealand,” Krizia added.

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