Rico J. Puno, Namayapa na.

Rico J. Puno has moved on to the heavens, just this Tuesday morning. The announcement came shortly by his sister in law, Anna.
“I am seized with deep emotional shock when I found out that our OPM King – Kuya Rico J. Puno has [moved on] this morning (manila time).” Said the Instagram post.

Enrico de Jesus Puno was one of the most prominent Filipino singers who were a catalyst to bring the Filipino language back through the sweetness of their songs. He was also a very well known comedian and television host who was credited as one of the pioneer promoter of original Filipino music or OPM. His most famous songs are Kapalaran, Buhat, and in some lighter sense he also sang the Macho Gwapito which is still vastly heard and sung in the entertainment and showbiz industry as of this date.

The singer actor was in now way short of a happy and fulfilled life careerwise because he has also starred in several television shows and movies including Happy Yipee Yehey, Little Champ, Willing Willie and so much more. But ultimately, he will be remembered as a singer who had always made other Filipinos proud through the music. He is an inspiration to several artists who followed suit because they were his idol and had wanted to do for the industry what he has done and more.

He was only 65 when they had realised he had already taken his final bow. Known for his husky voice, and his very playful and funny songs the artist has celebrated his 40th year in this industry before he moved on to greener pastures.

“It was serendipitous that Starmedia prepared a solo 40th Anniversary concert for him and a US tour with the OPM stalwarts and colleagues just recently,” her sister in law said over the Instagram post this Tuesday morning.“Little did I know that this is his Final Bow in the live entertainment world.

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We will forever miss the TOTAL ENTERTAINER…but his songs will forever cherish in our hearts,” she proceeded.

Several of his fans went on to the comment section to share their happiest and best memories with the comedian and singer while also offering their sincerest condolences to the family Rico has left behind. The stories are sweet and at the same time bitter as we are reminded of his many contributions to the entertainment and music industry all the same.


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