Gustong ipakulong ni nanay ang kanyang dating asawa pero si anak, namiss raw niya si tatay

It is already hard for Buenafe Gutierrez that the man she thought would love him until the end of the time had an affair and left her with another woman. Eric Buenafe left Buenafe and their daughter to have another chapter of his life with a woman named Ethel.

Buenafe did not chase Eric to come back to him as she wants to prove that she can survive their daughter as a single parent. However, the law still states that Eric, as the father of the child, should still give his daughter some beneficial help for her studies and other needs.

It is a usual case that a man who left his family also ultimately left his responsibility to their children. However, this one is different.

Eric still gives them money but according to Buenafe, the money still filters through the hands of Ethel before it arrives to them and this has been the setup for nine years. She was against it but did not raise this concern to any third-party since she is still getting money until one day, Eric ultimately stopped giving money.

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This prompted her to seek help from veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in his public service program. This resulted in a face-to-face confrontration between Buenafe and Eric. The woman said she wants Eric and Ethel to be sent behind bars for what they did for the past nine years.

This decision is not yet final though. Buenafe said she might change her mind if Eric promised to be consistent with his financial support to their children. She also told Eric that Ethel should not meddle with their financial transaction.

In his defense, Eric said that he has been giving enough money for his children. Besides that, he also gave his children other gifts like phone, laptop, clothes, and shoes.

Erika, the daughter of Eric and Buenafe, said their father did not neglect them but the money he was sending is not enough to sustain their needs.

This is also the first time that Eric saw his daughter for nine years so he cannot contain his emotions and cried as he embraced her. Erika reciprocated his feelings and hugged her father too.
Eric vowed that once he finds a job, he will send enough money to help her.
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Kalaboso ang gusto ni Nanay. Kalayaan naman ang gusto ng anak. Sinong masusunod?

Gusto siyang ipakulong ni Nanay. Ayaw ng anak.Sino ang masusunod?#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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