Isang Kabayan sa UAE Pinakain ng Bubog at Ayaw Tulungan Ng Agency Niya.

Even though humanity should be prevalent in all walks of life, sometimes this simply is not the case. Especially for employers who seem to have developed a superiority complex to those who are only in the country in order to work hard and provide for their families better. Sometimes, they just really enjoy having to see their domestic helpers in misery. The domestic helpers always treat them kindly and with respect, but sometimes their employers still decide on treating them like they are less than a person.

Recently, a Facebook user named Fainalyn Lakibol went on Facebook in order to ask for help. According to the post, her cousin is in the extremes of a bad condition abroad after her employer treated her badly.

She had revealed that her cousin was working for the employer for a month when the physical maltreatment had started. It was so severe that it had become life threatening to her cousin which concerned their family immensely.

As she went on to detail the incident on the post, her cousin is identified as Dassan Nurfaiza Dahi. She was forced to eat shards of glass, broken in tiny pieces, by her employer. She couldn’t say no at that moment because her employer stood by her and pressured her until she had finally consumed the glass, leaving her choiceless.

Her employer continued with the sadistic act and went on to mix the broken pieces of glass in her food to mask the sharpness. This was of no help because Dassan could still feel the sharp objects moving through her insides and making her vomit.
Her agency, Goodman International Manpower Inc., refused to help her while the The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh is yet to comment on the issue.

Several people took the comment section in order to express their feelings towards the poor condition of the overseas Filipina woman. Here is some of what the people are saying. Read on.
“You know, many employers there are so bad, they didnt even respect their housemaid, what kind of attitude is that? They like more than animals.. In that case, how can you tell that they were blessed?”

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