Isiniwalat ng netizen na ito ang nangyayaring padulas sa isang branch LTO! Kurakot raw!

Nobody likes preparing documents for a government ID or license. Yes, it is needed but the longs queues and processes can really take up so much time that could be used for other productive things or resting. The public has been demanding to the government to make the process faster and more efficient but it seems like slow process is glued with bureaucracy, resulting in people thinking that is just the way it is.

This setup is further bringing inconvenience to other people when the people in these government offices are receiving bribes or any forms that will prioritize them over other people who are also waiting for their turn. This kind of corruption has been plaguing our country and it seems that they are not ashamed of it.

This is what netizen who goes by the name Nhiors Kie exposed in his social media account. In his video that went viral on the internet, he showed a branch of Land Transportation Office (LTO) receiving a bribe in exchange for a prioritization of someone.

It is obvious in the video that a man inside the office received something from one of the people getting their license.
Based on the caption of the video, this LTO branch is located along domestic road in front of a Cebu Pacific office.

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“Grabe kaya pala di matawag tawag pangalan ko. Knina sa LTO. domestic road. SA arap ng cebu Pacific. Prioritised pala nila yung may mga padulas. #LTO #FIXER” Nhors said in his caption.
Netizens were not happy with what they saw in the video. Some of them shared their own experience with other LTO branch while some demanded for the said office to face legal consequences.

“Domestic Road, pusang gala na yan, jan ako inabot ng maghapon sa pagrerenew lng ng lisensya un pla padulas lng kailangan, pinending nila ung renewal ko pinauuna nila ung my padulas.. tapos ang dami tlgang epal na fixers jan, kala cguro ng fixers jan, baguhan ako sa pagkuha ng lisensya, sasabihin ibayad ko na lng daw sa kanya ng 3,500 tpos baka bumagsak daw ako sa drive test maghihintay na nmn daw ako ng isang buwan pag bagsak daw sa exam.. mukha mo,” Tyler Gauge Ebora said.

“Dpat tlga iREPROFILE mo nga Govt employee ehh iba dyan tambay sa kanto dati utus utusan lng nging emplyeado na haha,” Christian Sanopo said.
Fixers are not allowed in government offices, according to the law. Once caught, fixers can spend some time behind bars for practicing this corrupt action.

What do you think of the video? Do you think the government should do something about this issue? Tell us in the comments section below!

Grabe kaya pala di matawag tawag pangalan ko. Knina sa LTO. domestic road. SA arap ng cebu Pacific. Prioritised pala nila yung may mga padulas. #LTO #FIXER

Posted by Nhiors Kie on Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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