Pintuan ng bahay niya, sinemento. Kailangan niyang umakyat ng bakod para makapasok

In the Filipino culture, elders are always given with so much respect especially if they are experiencing any illness. They experienced way too much in their life and they don’t have the same strength that they had before so they really need some help from other people.

In Lola Lourdes Besing’s case, however, no respect was shown to her by her neighbors as they had the guts to make her life harder now that she needs more help due to her current health condition.
The 70-year-old sewer and grandmother in Caloocan City went to TV5 to seek help with her health condition and complain about her neighbors who made her life harder. She brought her nebulizer going to the TV network but she found out that it was closed when she came.

She really wanted to be featured on the show so she spent the night outside the gate of TV5. Unfortunately, she did not know that Raffy Tulfo’s show has a priority lane for senior citizens like her.
When she finally got the chance to enter the action center, she suddenly experienced her asthma and she was rushed in the building’s clinic. She was given a new nebulizer since her own nebulizer doesn’t work anymore.

Raffy Tulfo was not there due to sickness but upon finding out the gist of her story, he talked to her through his phone.

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Lourdes was emotional when she told Raffy her experienced of being bullied by her neighbors. According to Lourdes, her neighbors put up a cemented fence to the right of way of their land even if it’s their property. With this, she has to circle around her property and climb to their roof just to get to their house. She said that this is a huge hindrance to her especially with her health condition.
Raffy then called the National Housing Authority to ask help in solving the problem of Lourdes. He also told the chief of police of Caloocan City to investigate the alleged bullying of her neighbors.
He also told his team to buy a new nebulizer for Lourdes since her old one is broken. He also treated her and her family for lunch and gave her P5,000 to buy medicines and other needs like groceries.

Lourdes spent her money just to go to TV5 but this time, Raffy told his staff that they should book a Grab for her so that she wouldn’t have to ride the bus going back to their home.

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