Sinamahan Ni Mocha Uson Ang Lumads Sa UP Diliman Upang Manawagan Sa Madla Na Panigan Sila

Although Mocha Uson had resigned from her PCOO post from the government, the dancer continues to support President Rordrigo Duterte in several different endeavors that she thinks would be beneficial for the government. Even in the past, she has always voiced out about her want to raise awareness for the Lumad communities in Mindanao especially those who are in the hands of the CPP NPA.

The Lumads In UP.
In present day, the battle of the Lumads have become exponentially louder as their voices echo for justice in unison. They recently went to the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City where Mocha Uson accompanied all of them.

In the Facebook live of Ms. Mocha Uson, they were tried or at least considered to be kicked out of the place for unknown reasons. Prior to this, the people have already been to Makati in order to raise awareness and educate people further about their situation. The Lumads went UP Diliman so that they may discuss with the students who are the people they should really be fighting for.

The 17 Atrocitites
One of their missions is to make the 17 atrocities clear as crystal. The atrocities are the 17 despicable things that the CPP NPA did to their community leaving thousands of their people without life. This also includes the detailing of how their women were treated – forcely penetrated and objectified by whatever vile pleasures and fantasies the CPP NPA did.

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It also detailed the threats of changing their system of politics, dismising their basic human rights, taking away their land and their property and enlisting their ypung children as soldiers who would rally against them. The atrocities are heartbreaking and nothing less of evil.

The President In Support of Lumads
President Rodrigo Duterte said that he supports the Lumads. And according to Mocha Uson, several of the lumads still support the President Rodrigo Duterte back. “Ayon pa dito, sa lahat ng nagdaang pangulo ng bansa ay si Duterte lamang ang may puso para sa mga katulad nilang katutubo.” a report by updatedtayo had said about the whole situation.

The Netizens in Support of the Lumads
Thankfully several netizens as well see the situation for what it is and support the lumad leaders, doing their best to reach out in the simple ways tat they could. This includes IP Youth leaders gathering up and showing personal support to the said people. They are also keen enough to oversee the details of the situation and had wondered why Mocha Uson was the only person present during the time as no media outlets recorded or reported the incident live.

Lumad (IP) leaders and IP Youth Leaders sa UP Diliman

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Sunday, October 28, 2018

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