Tatay na Inaapi ang Asawa, Sinasaktan pa ang Anak

An OFW woman made her way to Raffy Tulfo’s show in order for her to report her former partner who has been very cruel to her in every sense of the word. The man who is now living with another woman, housed the mistress and still physically hurts their 26 year old daughter. He also has a habit of drinking more than he can tolerate. The man also has another child with that woman.

His whole family with his mistress, along with the mistress’s children from another man are now residing in the house that the OFW woman had paid for and repaired with her own hard worked money.
“Seventeen years pong tiniis ko na binubugbog niya ako. Pinabayaan din po niyang ako yung maghanap buhay. May hanap buhay naman po siya, pero yung pera niya sakanya lang yun. Sa bisyo lang niya.” Confessed the of mother. It was then later revealed that the husband, Emmanuel Culaniban worked as a security guard before becoming a member of the city hall in pasig as a guard as well.

The daughter who was taking the L from her dad, has two children of her own and is a single mother, according to Amelita who is the OFW mother complaining on the show.

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Raffy Tulfo then went on to call Emmanuel, who answered the phone call promptly. Amelita addressed him immediately saying that she went to the show because she no longer knew what to do with him, “Pati anak natin binubugbog mo siya na nga yung nagpapakain sayo pati anak mo sa labas. Tatlo silang anak mo sa labas, paano ka bubuhayin? Apat na kayong papakainin?” Asked Amelita who looked very uncomfortable calling her husband.

He quickly defended that he is employed and contributing monetarily as well. He also said that he did not hurt his daughter and was only trying to calm her down, hence the bruises that were shown. Joy (the daughter) quickly clarified that this was false, and that she had been getting hurt physically by her dad as early as she was 14 years old.

Raffy Tulfo had then discussed that perhaps Mary Joy should vacate the house because she is not safe there, to which the young girl promptly said that she wishes to and would talk it over with her mother.

Ultimately Amelita and Emmanuel will be going in face to face to try and discuss the issue as calmly as they can before they go to the last resort which is to file cases against the husband in court.

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